Da Unforgetting Pendant Small – Yellow Gold


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Da Unforgetting Pendant Small

We hope this pendant can help you treasure your love from people around you more.

In plain Chinese, ‘engraved bone’ and ‘inscripted heart’ (刻骨銘心) describes such love that is so unforgettable that each other’s names are written on the bone and heart.

Made in your choice of 14K or 18K Rose Gold.

This listing includes the complimentary sterling silver necklace.

 Material  14K / 18K Yellow Gold
 Finishing  Glossy
 Size (W x L x H)  ~16.5mm x 11mm x 18.5mm
 Weight  ~7.5g / 9g


*We offer free name inscription on the pendant and the ring if you purchase this pendant with any of Da Bone Ring.

*Product color might differ slightly from photos.

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