925 純銀戒子 / 手鈪工作坊
In the heart of every loving couple, there is a love that only they truly understand. A special workshop is about to unfold - “Craft Your Own Story Workshop”. This workshop is a unique creative experience that will lead participants into a warm world of metal casting, where they will use their hands and tools to engrave their own love marks. It is a blend of art, creative craftsmanship, and love, allowing participants to compose their romantic chapter together.
925 純銀戒子 / 手鈪工作坊
In the “Craft Your Own Story Workshop”, participants will become true metal artists. On the workshop day, with professional guidance, they will determine the size of their bangles or rings and start with a piece of raw metal. They will cut, weld, and polish by hand, skillfully hammer textures, and engrave precise inscriptions to create a personalised jewellery piece. Even without prior metalworking experience, they can easily complete a perfect piece under professional guidance.
925 純銀戒子 / 手鈪工作坊
The significance of this workshop goes far beyond technical gains. It is an opportunity to bond love. Every couple who comes here carries a belief in their sincere feelings for each other, hoping to create eternal mementos together with their hearts. As they carefully sculpt their affection for each other with tools like chisels, files, and grinders, their understanding and emotions for each other will further elevate.
925 純銀戒子 / 手鈪工作坊
The jewellery workshop offers three surface finishes to choose from - participants can select mirror-polished, matte, or aged effects to add a personalised touch. Additionally, the workshop provides one-on-two professional guidance, ensuring that each participant receives sufficient attention and instruction to create a truly perfect piece of love art. Furthermore, there is a complimentary engraving service, allowing participants to personally hammer words of their choice, imprinting genuine emotions onto the jewellery.
925 純銀戒子 / 手鈪工作坊
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"Love Casting: Craft Your Own Story Workshop." will become an exclusive memory for the loving couple, a timeless commemoration of their love. This workshop not only teaches each couple to make jewellery but also allows them to experience the emotions of creating together in the atmosphere of love. Let us compose an eternal love story, using metal and compassion, and let the sparks of love bloom in your story.

The Casting of Love:

Craft Your Own Story Jewellery Workshop, Witness Eternal Love

Style and Price

Workshop Details

  • Determine the size and size of the bracelet or ring on the day of the workshop
  • Start with a strip of raw metal, cut, weld, sand, hammer to texture, engrave, shape, polish with your own hands
  • Under professional guidance, use blanching bows, files, electric grinders and other tools to complete the work
  • Including free engraving, hammer your own words
  • Three surface treatment options: mirror/matte/aging effect
  • One-to-two teaching with professional guidance

Perfect works can be completed even without metalworking experience!

  • Sterling silver
  • 2 to 3 hours each for single/double builds
  • Product can be retrieved at the end of the course

*Additional time required for stone setting and fingerprint engraving

  • MON: 10am-1pm / 7pm-10pm
  • TUE : 12pm-3pm
  • WED: 10am-1pm / 7pm-10pm
  • THU: 12pm-3pm
  • FRI : 10am-1pm / 7pm-10pm
  • The Star, Kwai Chung

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